01 - About

a Connection
of Time


The company name, Toki Yuite,
is a pseudonym derived from the Japanese phrase "Weaving strands of time".
A strand of weave is neither bound or tied.
It is a connection, slender, and has a shape,
but it is forever open to flexibility and transformation.

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What'sToki Yuite

02 - Service

A gift of love
that weaves
across countries
and over time.

We deliver premium gifts that bring joy to everyone involved with the help of traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation and the power of the precious moment in which you receive the gift.

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03 - Gift Set

Gifts of Love

There are many traditions that Japan has cultivated over the years, including crafts, food, performing arts, and cultual pathways. Multiple items are combined and delivered in the form of a gift set.

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Japanese Fashion Culture Collection

Fashion items that influence inner change when worn. Wearing the dignity and delicacy of craftsmanship, you can coordinate your outfit with sophistication and stay one step ahead of others.

Zen Life Collection

Crafting Calm. Elevate Your Space with Real Zen Artifacts.
The dignity and exquisite of traditional crafts are sharpened and delivered to your senses.

Premium Custom-Made Orders

Our gift concierge will tailor a one-of-a-kind, special gift for your loved ones upon your request.