Our Gift Service


Gifts from Japan to the World

Japan is proud of its handicrafts, which are gems that are well known to people all over the world. These crafts are beautiful, precious, and one-of-a-kind. They are not only a momentary pleasure, but also a natural motivator to cherish and use them for a long time to come. We will expand the world of crafts and gifts that give a sense of traditional culture.


Gift Sets

The gift set is a delivery method that gives form to the "A gift of love that weaves" as started in our mission. The Japanese word "orinashite-yuku" means "to weave together," expressing the way in which multiple detailed elements are combined to form a superior whole. By combining multiple crafts that have changed with the lifestyle and culture of the times, the gift set offers a way to enjoy crafts that fits in with modern life.


Gift Communication

Customer service is handled by a gift concierge who becomes your family. Gifts are coordinated according to the customer's requests. Gifts carrying the thoughts of the artisan are promoted with a story that incorporates the three elements (culture, technology, and season). We create opportunities for customers to communicate with the artisans and the local people.

The shape of gift