Traditional culture inherited from ancient times.

A gift of love that weaves across countries and over time.

Toki Yuite

The company name, Toki Yuite, is a pseudonym derived from the Japanese phrase "Weaving strands of time". A strand of weave is neither bound or tied. It is a connection, slender, and has a shape, but it's forever open to flexibility and transformation. We equate that to the beautiful flexibility of life. "Time" here captures the all encompassing time that consists of people, things and thoughts. We connect together beautiful products, precious culture, and techniques that should be preserved in the form of a gift, transcending time and country. This is the mission of Toki Yuite.


Moments that last a lifetime.
Traditional crafts born from the aesthetic sensibility of our master artisans speak volumes about the abundance of life for posterity.

Those who receive our high-quality, beautiful, and long-lasting GIFT SETS will find not only the value in the thing itself, but will reverberate with the sense of value to cherish the products, and the Japanese spirit of " timeless beauty" as the products come to reflect their owner. By connecting with a master artisan and savoring the experience and inspiration, you will also become even more attached to the "products".

We deliver premium gifts that bring joy to everyone involved with the help of traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation and the power of the precious moment in which you receive the gift.


MESSAGE from the CEO

Why Gift,
Why Traditional Crafts.

Travel drives my life. Meeting new people, discovering indigenous cultures, and finding wonderful crafts, this is what brings me joy. During my years of travel, I have come to realize that the world is full of fascinating things and people.

I was deeply touched to know that Japanese products are very popular overseas, appreciated for their fine craftsmanship and perfection, and act as conversation starters in homes across the world.

I wished to showcase more of the Japanese flavor of life overseas so that people in other countries can also savour Japanese culture and Japanese products, as if it were their own. This became the founding philosophy of Toki Yuite.

Japan is brimming with a wide variety of goods, but there is not enough variety in the Japanese products available overseas. My desire is to spread the pride of Japanese workmanship in the form of "gifts" to people all over the world. If every country can share its uniqueness in the form of people, products and culture crossing borders and other barriers, then the world will be filled with love.

Starting with Japan, Toki Yuite will be the hub of the world's gift communication, bringing culture and local industries from every country to all corners of the world.

Founder & CEO

Misa Inayama

As a student at the School of International Communication, I befriended students from across Asia. This sparked my interest in working and traveling across Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia, as well as visiting over 30 countries and regions. These experiences honed my expertise in corporate sales, recruitment, and training, particularly in the fields of human resources and medical assistance. With my international background, I possess the skills to effectively bridge cultures between Japan and other nations. I specialize in connecting traditional industries and artisans with interested individuals and companies, fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

Company Profile

Company Name Toki Yuite Co., Ltd.
Company Location #3F Nakamura Bldg., 1-20-9 Tennodai, Abiko, Chiba, Japan
Establishment August, 2020
Representative Founder & CEO Misa Inayama
Business Export and domestic sales of Japanese products