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Bamboo Bag Sanada himo cords Belt

Simple and Classy

You can look effortlessly chic by haccessorizing with the bamboo bag, which is simple but has great presence, as a clutch bag. The set coordinates with a belt linked to the Sanada himo cord that accents the bag.

Bamboo Bag


Types of Crafts and Techniques

Bamboo Crafts

Bamboo crafts are made by processing bamboo or weaving bamboo strips into craftwork. Bamboo is a durable and sustainable natural material that can be used for more than 10 years.


Bamboo Craft Workshop KISETSU Craftsman Hideaki HOSOKAWA

『Bringing a new perspective into the traditional bamboo craft 』 


Bamboo basket bags become familiar to each user's hand after repeated use. You will enjoy the way it gradually changes to a caramel color.

Sanada himo cords Belt


Types of Crafts and Techniques

Hand-woven Sanada himo cords

The world's smallest woven fabric that is extremely strong and resistant to stretching because it is compressed and woven using more than twice the number of yarns needed than usual.


Anadahimo cords 15th Generations Master : Isao WADA

『Items used in the samurai society for modern practical use』


It is worked with herb-dyed threads. It can be used not only as a fashion item, but also as a waistband under clothing to prevent back pain.