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Handy Bell Incense Plate Set

Purify your inner self with all the five senses

Bell and incense set that creates a calming time with its sound and fragrance that melts into your body. The portable and convenient specifications allow you to create a calming space anywhere and any time.

Handy Bell


Types of Crafts and Techniques

Japanese Buddhist Altar Fittings Bell

The company mainly manufactures bell, a bowl-shaped Buddhist altar equipment used in temples and homes in front of the Buddha. The orin made of an alloy of copper with a large amount of tin added is called a sahari orin bell.


Musical instrument cast maker Nanjyo workshop 7th generation Kazuya NANJYO

『Making tones』


The Handy LinNe is made to fit modern lifestyles, taking advantage of its characteristic sound that stretches straight out without fluctuation. The sound soothens the soul and calms one's mind. It also has the effect of purification and repelling evil spirits.

Incense Plate Set


Types of Crafts and Techniques

Kyoto Kiyomizu Pottery

It is a general term for various types of pottery made in Kyoto or Kiyomizu.



『A marriage of two ceramincs』


This ceramic ware is a fusion of the husband's Kyo-yaki and the wife's Koishiwara-yaki techniques and design. It can be used not only as an incense holder, but also as an accessory holder and a bean dish for a wide range of meals. This set includes incense and a plate.