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Square Flat Plate Vase & Incense Plate Set

Gorgeous to see, fabulous fragrance to smooth

This Set of a base plate with a beautifully soft shimmering hikihaku, a singleflower vase to highlight the flowers to be displayed, and an incense plate to calm the mind with its fragrance.

Square Flat Plate


Types of Crafts and Techniques


A traditional technique used in Kyoto to decorate calligraphy and paintings by reinforcing them with paper or cloth for the purpose of appreciation and preservation. It is used for decorating Japanese-style rooms, room partitions, blindfolds, etc.


Koseido 2nd generation Kyoto Hyogu Master of Traditional Crafts Yoshishige Tanaka

『Tableware that lasts generations』


This plate is a 550-year-old material, Hikibaku, that has been perfected into a new form using a 1200-year-old traditional technique, Kyo-hyogu. It is an excellent product that can be used as you like - as a tea plate, living room wall interior, etc. 
Hikibaku: traditional weaving technique with precious metallic threads

Vase & Incense Plate Set


Types of Crafts and Techniques

Kyoto Kiyomizu Pottery

It is a general term for various types of pottery made in Kyoto or Kiyomizu.



『A marriage of two ceramics』


Kiyomizu ware from Kyoto and Koishiwara ware from Fukuoka, Japan, are combined by craftsmen who have inherited each other's traditional techniques, and a flower vase and incense dish are created by a married couple. The incense plate can be used for a wide range of purposes, including as an accessory holder and as a small plate for meals.

The simple, sophisticated form and colour of this single-flower vase makes it easy to choose flowers. Arrange the flowers of your choice according to your mood.