Zen Life Cellection

Table runner Shigaraki-ware Vase

Fusion of simplicity and glamour

A set of table runner and flower vase to add color to your space.
Spend time indoors with an awareness of nature's blessings. Transform your space by filling it with hospitality and brightens the hearts of those who gather there.

Table runner


Types of Crafts and Techniques

Nishijin High-grade gold brocade

High-grade silk fabrics with beautiful patterns made with gold and multi-colored threads using advanced techniques in Nishijin, Kyoto.


Nishijin Okamoto 4th Generation Keiji OKAMOTO

『A sparkling item for your daily life』


Pure silk gold brocade fabrics that sparkle and shine faintly and radiate power to make the time you spend with your loved ones more beautiful and enriching.

Shigaraki-ware Vase


Types of Crafts and Techniques


A pottery in which the whiteness of the clay is changed in the kiln according to the temperature and firing method. It produces a unique warm coloration. The pottery has a simple warmth like human skin and a rich expression.


Shigaraki-ware Kotoen 2nd generation Syoichi HASEGAWA


The beautiful bluish coloring complements natural flowers. It can be used not only as a vase to keep flowers but also as an incense holder.