Zen Life Cellection

Table runner White porcelain Plate

Make it your own

A set of gorgeous table runner and plate dishes that expresses the spirit of hospitality.
The white porcelain plate creates a blank space between the food and the runner, adding a relaxing and calm atmosphere to the space.

Table runner


Types of Crafts and Techniques

Nishijin brocade

Yarn-dyed weft brocade made with gold and multi-colored silk threads using advanced techniques in Nishijin, Kyoto


Nishijin Okamoto Keiji OKAMOTO

『A sparkling item for your daily life』


Pure silk gold brocade fabrics that sparkle and shine faintly and radiate power to make the time you spend with your loved ones more beautiful and enriching.

White porcelain Plate


Types of Crafts and Techniques

Kyoto Kiyomizu Pottery

It is a general term for various types of pottery made in Kyoto or Kiyomizu.


Soryugama Soryu WAKUNAMI, Madoka WAKUNAMI

『A marriage of two ceramincs』


The Koishiwara ware technique, hibikanna, is used to create a pattern in shades of white, which is full of design. Dishwasher and microwave safe.