Japanese Fashion Culture Collection

Thank you Earring Tassel Necklace

Thankfulness conveyed visually.

The luminosity of gold and the lustre of pearls that make bare skin look
An accessory set that combines earrings and necklaces that glamorise the
outward appearance with the inner beauty of gratitude, "Thank you".

Thank you Earring


Types of Crafts and Techniques

Japanese character Hiragana

A syllabic script unique to Japan with a history of over 1200 years.


Calligrapher / Artist Saori KUNIHIRO

『The curves of the unique Japanese hiragana characters, represent the beauty of the human heart』


We express the feeling of gratitude and the word "Arigato", which Japanese people cherish, as accessories. Communicate through gifts to the people you love. The recipient of the gift will receive your feeling of gratitude with just one glance at this lovely earring.
This is an item that will help communicate your feelings without a word being uttered.

Tassel Necklace


Types of Crafts and Techniques

Twisted Gold Threads(Tassel)

Gold leaf is wrapped around cotton threads and spun one by one into golden threads, which change their brilliance and color depending on the light. This Masuya Takao original was created over a period of five years by restoring a nearly 400-year-old shogun and Tokugawa family’s treasured piece of woven fabric.


Masuya Takao 4th Generation Shuko TAKAO

『Beautiful colors, beautiful weaving, enriching people's hearts』


The shining tassel is combined with mother-of-pearl for an elegant shine.
The tassel is detachable. The tassel can be attached to a key ring or bag, and the necklace can be worn alone or doubled as a short necklace for a wide variety of uses.