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Twisted Gold Threads Bag Pure Gold Threads Earrings & Bracelet

Cool and Gorgeous

With the cool chin clutch bag, the glittering earrings with gold thread make you look more gorgeous. Simple, sophisticated fashion sets match a variety of TPO outfits.

Twisted Gold Threads Bag


Types of Crafts and Techniques

Twisted Gold Threads

Gold leaf is wrapped around cotton threads and spun one by one into golden threads, which change their brilliance and color depending on the light. This Masuya Takao original was created over a period of five years by restoring a nearly 400-year-old shogun and Tokugawa family’s treasured piece of woven fabric.


Masuya Takao 4th Generation Shuko TAKAO

『Beautiful colors, beautiful weaving, enriching people's hearts』


A kimono sash is transformed into a clutch bag with a sophisticated and simple design.
It can be worn casually with a T-shirt and denim, in business attire, or dressed up for a variety of occasions in an elegant and subtle way.

Pure Gold Threads Earrings & Bracelet


Types of Crafts and Techniques

Gold and silver thread

Put on gold and silver leaf on Japanese papers, cut the papers into fine and thin strips, and wrap it around the core threads.


TERASHIMA YASUTARO SHOTEN, K.K. President Daigo Terashima

『Support customers "create treasures” 』


tabane is a jewelry brand that lavishly uses the finest pure gold threads. It has a soft and light feel and a fine and delicate pure gold shine. The accessories made of pure gold thread are original products, which are rare in the world.