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Yusai Silk Scarf Thank you Ring

~A feeling of gratitude that can be conveyed visually~

This set includes a silk scarf dyed with Yume-Koro-zome, Japan's only dyeing technique that changes its expression under light, and a "hiragana" ring that highlights the beauty of the gesture. It is full of the chic and stylish consideration of a master craftsman in the delicate color patterns and the meticulous care with which he conveys his gratitude.

Yusai Silk Scarf


Types of Crafts and Techniques

Yume-koro dying

Yume-koro dying
Japan's only dyeing technique. Yume Koro-zome," a technique in which the color changes with the light of the sun, is created.


Yume Yusai Dyeing artist Yusai Okuda

『Cool Japan. Only one in Kyoto, Japan』


Yusai silk scarf wraps you hightly and softly as if you are flirting with the wind.
Silk fabric is dyed with the lush hues of "nijimizome" dyeing by the soft waters of Kyoto.

Size: H180cm×W46cm

Thank you Ring


Types of Crafts and Techniques

Japanese character Hiragana

A syllabic script unique to Japan with a history of over 1200 years.


Calligrapher / Artist Saori KUNIHIRO

『The curves of the unique Japanese hiragana characters, represent the beauty of the human heart』


We express the feeling of gratitude and the word "Arigato", which Japanese people cherish, as accessories. Communicate through gifts to the people you love. The recipient of the gift will receive your feeling of gratitude with just one glance at this lovely earring. This is an item that will help communicate your feelings without a word being uttered.